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Kilombero Valley


Our hunting area in the Kilombero Valley consists of over 14,000 square kilometres of unspoiled African wilderness.

 Here you will find a minimal human footprint. The Kilombero Valley holds one of Africa’s most scenic ecosystems with large perennial rivers, forests, miombo woodlands and mountains. Our Kilombero hunting blocks are home to the highest density of Cape buffalo in all of Tanzania. We are passionate to conserve these buffalo herds and to hunt them in a sustainable and responsible way to ensure that the excellent genetics will continue throughout the buffalo populations in the future.

 The resident buffalo herds attract a high number of lion. Leopard are prolific throughout the Kilombero Valley and the river systems are known for a high density of crocodile and hippo. Except for dangerous game the Kilombero Valley also host a variety of plains-game species.


The Kilombero Valley has always been well known for excellent quality lion and leopard, and due to our ongoing success to conserve the habitat and wildlife in our Kilombero Valley hunting blocks and the strict quota systems we follow, Big Cats thrive here. The resident buffalo herds attract a high number of lion and leopard are prolific throughout the Kilombero Valley. The unique terrain of the Kilombero Valley, density of buffalo and excellent trophy quality contribute to some of the finest Cape buffalo hunting in Africa. 
Throughout our Kilombero hunting blocks you will find fantastic buffalo habitat with grass covered miombo woodlands and many kilometres of rivers flowing through the area. 

In places the woodlands open up to short grass, patches of reeds and mud holes which is the perfect areas to stalk in close on old dugga boys with a double rifle. Due to the high density of Cape buffalo you will have to chance to see buffalo or follow fresh buffalo tracks each day of your safari. Additionally, most of the river systems in the Kilombero Valley are untouched by human presence. These wild and unspoiled perennial rivers are home to high numbers of hippopotamus and ancient crocodile. Compared to the miles and miles of rivers running through our hunting blocks in the Kilombero Valley our hunting quota on crocodile and hippopotamus are low which result in excellent trophy quality animals being hunted in a very sustainable way.


Kilombero Valley Species






Spotted Hyena





Honey Badger


Livingston Eland

Roosevelt Sable

Common Waterbuck


Yellow Baboon


Chobe Bushbuck

Common Duiker

Red Duiker

Lichtenstein Hartebeest

Black-backed Jackal


Southern Reedbuck


Burchell’s Zebra



There are two rainy seasons —


the heaviest rains (called masika) usually fall from mid-March to May


a shorter period of rain (called vuli) occurs from November to mid-January

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