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A Tanzanian Safari is a mixed bag, so when it comes to rifles you can expect to bring two rifles (heavy and a light). The majority of the plains game taken on your safari will require a medium calibre rifle of the .275 - .300 range. Your medium rifle should have a telescopic sight and be zeroed in at 200 yards. Bonded soft nose bullets are ideal and make sure when you zero the rifle in, use the same bullets that you intend to use on your safari. Your heavy rifle should be of the .375 and up (minimum calibre for dangerous game). However, for the recoil sensitive, stick to the lower end of the scale and please don’t bring a rifle that is going to make you flinch. Your heavy rifle should be sighted in at 100 yards and a detachable scope is advisable. This allows for an accurate first shot and if necessary open express sights for thick cover or to follow up. Make sure to bring at least 60 rounds of soft point ammunition for your light rifle and for your heavy rifle have half soft point and half solid in the heaviest bullet available. The most important aspect at the end of the day is that you are confident and have practiced with the rifles that you are going to use on the hunt especially large caliber open sighted doubles. After all it is your shot placement that is crucial to ensure an ethical hunt. 

We have outlined a packing list that you will need to prepare before your safari. Your clothing should be in neutral colours (khaki green tones). It is very important that the boots/shoes you bring are worn-in and comfortable for walking.


Packing List

  • Binoculars (8 x 40 recommended)

  • Hunting Knife (sheathed or folds up)

  • Camera 

  • Rifle Sling

  • Insect Repellent

  • 50 + SPF Sun Screen

  • Ammunition belt or pouch

  • Basic cleaning kit for rifle

  • Backpack to carry your bits and pieces

  • 1 x Safari Jacket

  • 1 x Warm Jacket or Fleece

  • Gloves and Beanie / Hat

  • 3 x Long Sleeve Shirts 

  • 2 x Long Sleeve Evening Shirts

  • 2 x Pairs of Shorts

  • 2 x Pairs of Long Trousers (cotton)

  • 1 x Pair of Slacks for Evenings

  • 5 x Pairs of Socks

  • 5 x Underwear 

  • Comfortable Hunting Shoes/Boots

  • Pair of Shoes for Relaxing in Camp

  • Wide Brimmed Hat

  • Worn in Leather Belt 

  • 3 x Handkerchiefs

  • 1 x Sunglasses

  • 1 x Head-torch

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